2nd April 2017

Supporting Our Community in 2017

 Youth Insearch


Youth Insearch is a community organisation that coordinates weekend programs focused on resolving adolescent issues at a peer level for young people aged between 12-17 years.

It is a grass roots, early-intervention program, which works alongside welfare agencies, schools and local police to identify 'at-risk' youth that will benefit from the program. We aim to reduce crime, substance abuse, binge drinking and prevent suicide in young people, as well as enhance self-esteem and productivity through empowering youth.


Banksia Unit and local mental health charities

Banksia is a 25-bed acute mental health unit at Tamworth Hospital designed to cater for the needs of people with mental health problems in the acute stage of their illness. Admission to Banksia may be voluntary or under the Mental Health Act. The unit is on the grounds of the Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital and staffed by a team of psychiatrists, resident medical officers, nurses and allied health professionals. 



 2015 Charities

In 2015 we donated the proceeds to Youth Insearch and Can Assist

 2014 Charities

In 2014 we donated the proceeds to Alzheimer's Australia, Billabong Clubhouse, Salvation Army and Youth Insearch

2013 Charities 

In 2013 we donated the proceeds to Ronald Mcdonald House, Billabong Clubhouse and Youth Insearch