Legal Information

Legal Information

Privacy Policy

The Policy of the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth First Light and Tamworth Sunrise, trading under the name, Pedal The Peel - Cycling Challenge (called here in “us or we”) relating to the personal information you provide to us by accessing and entering any personnel information on our website is set out below. By using this website and submitting your personal information, you are agreeing to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by us as set out in this Policy.

Your personal information is important

We recognise that your privacy is very important to you and We are committed to protecting your privacy. This Policy sets out how we handle your personal information and safeguard your privacy in relation to this website.

We will comply with the National Privacy Principles (‘NPPs’) contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any amending legislation to protect your privacy.​

Collecting and using personal information

The personal information we collect about you is what you tell us about yourself when you enter any of your personal information for the purpose of and in connection with registering to become a user of the website and/or to enter an Event we are or will conduct.

This information includes your name, e-mail and mailing addresses, contact numbers and date of birth and whether you are a male/female.

We will use your personal information for the purpose for which it has been provided, that is, for the purposes of you becoming a registered user of the website and entering any Event we are conducting as detailed on the website. We may also contact you at any time in relation to any such Event by email or by SMS. By registering you agree to receive communications from us. You may choose to not receive these communications and we will give you the opportunity to do that each time we contact you, except in the instance where receipt of the communications are essential to the participation in any such Event.

We will not rent, trade, spam or sell any personally identifiable information that you give us to any third party unless we receive your prior consent.​

Accuracy and security of personal information

We will take all reasonable steps to secure any personal information which we , our contractors, related associations or companies and Event Sponsors hold about you and to keep that information accurate and up-to-date. Personal information will be stored electronically.

Our website does not provide facilities for the secure transmission of information across the Internet. Users should be aware that there are inherent risks transmitting information across the Internet.

You should keep us informed about all changes to your personal information. To do this email [email protected].​

Disclosure of information

Your personal information is only provided to third parties where required by law or to our contractors, related associations or companies and our Event Sponsors where they require your information for the purposes of their promotions or to contact you with special offers. In such cases we have taken steps to ensure that any third party access to personal information complies with the NPPs.

Links to Websites

This Policy does not apply to linked websites.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time and to notify you by posting an updated version of the Privacy Policy on our website.

What if you have a complaint or a question?

If you have any queries relating to this Policy or if you have a problem or wish to lodge a complaint in relation to an alleged breach of your privacy, please send an e-mail by using the ‘Contact Us‘ link on our website.


The general information appearing on this website must not be relied upon as being complete, accurate, or up to date and is subject to change without notice. You are responsible for ensuring by independent verification its completeness, accuracy or currency.

Links to other websites are provided for your convenience only.

The Rotary Clubs of Tamworth First Light and Tamworth Sunrise, trading under the name style and title of Pedal The Peel - Cycling Challenge is not responsible for and does not endorse those other parties or their websites nor recommend their products or services or warrant the accuracy of any information provided by them and it is not responsible for any damage or loss incurred or suffered by you as a consequence of or in connection with your use of the link or any product or service they offer.​

Event Communication

Other than for exceptional circumstances all Event communication will be made via email. It is the Entrant’s responsibility to provide a valid email address at the time of completing the online Entry Form. It is also the responsibility of the Entrant to notify the Event Director of any change to the Entrant’s email address in the lead up to the Event. To do this email [email protected].

Entrant – Release and Waiver

Entrant – Release and Waiver

All riders, if a minor their parents or guardians, acknowledge and agree that:

  1. Cycling on public roads is a potentially hazardous activity.​
  2. All riders must exercise their own judgement as to whether each has sufficient competence and experience to safely participate in the Pedal the Peel Cycling Challenge.
  3. They are physically and mentally capable of participating in the Pedal the Peel Cycling Challenge and will ensure that the bicycle used by each of them is in a sound mechanical and safe condition, complies with the law, prior to undertaking the event.
  4. During the event, all riders will wear a correctly fitted Standards approved helmet and will comply with the current New South Wales road rules and any directions given by Police , course marshals and event organisers and will ride carefully and considerately at all times.
  5. In consideration of the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth First Light and Tamworth Sunrise permitting each rider to participate in the Pedal the Peel Cycling Challenge on Sunday 8th April 2018, and as a condition of such entry, all riders and where a minor is a rider their parents and guardians, agree to release and indemnify the Rotary Clubs of Tamworth First Light and Tamworth Sunrise, the organisers, sponsors and each of their servants, agents and volunteers, howsoever involved in the Pedal the Peel Cycling Challenge ("the organisers") from and against any and all claims, liabilities, judgements, orders, costs, and expenses, what soever, made or suffered by any person or entity and arising from a rider's participation in this event, howsoever caused.
  6. The organisers in their discretion may refuse a rider(s) entry to commence the Challenge or to continue the Challenge if a riders conduct during the Challenge is of a type which in the organiser's sole opinion, is not in the best interests of the public or other participants or the cycling event, without refund.
  7. If a rider cancels a registration, he/she will not receive a refund unless the organisers are notified in writing by no later than 5pm on 20th March 2018 at which time a 70% refund will apply.
  8. The organisers for the purpose of the challenge may use in any way they see fit any photograph, video or other media or recording of the event involving the entrant and no further consent is required.