Track Details

The day will take place at the Tamworth Criterium Track located in the Northern Inland Centre of Sporting Excellence (towards the end of Jack Smyth Drive). The track officially opened in October 2019 with this being the first major community event to be held at the track since it's opening. 

Track Details:

  • 4.5m wide criterium track
  • 880m asphalt track
  • Criterium track will be divided into 2 lanes - the inner lane will be for fast track riders, the outer lane will be for social riders
  • The relay interchange for fast track riders is on the inner part of the track and di-sects the main track in two, see our route diagram below
  • The relay interchange for the social rider is at the car park on the outside of the track


  • Toilets
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Parking
  • Drinking Water

COVID-19 Information

The event will be held in conjunction with current state and national COVID-19 regulations. 

We ask that if you have travelled to a COVID-19 positive area within the last 14 days to get tested before attending. If you are feeling unwell, please stay at home. 

Event Rules & Safety Procedures 

  • Always correctly wear your approved helmet
  • Don't pass on the left of a cyclist
  • Always call 'passing' when you are overtaking a fellow cyclist
  • Always signal and call when you are stopping (slow riders move to the right hand side of the track and fast line riders move to the left hand side of the track)
  • Eat and drink regularly, your body needs constant fuel
  • Be sun smart
  • Maximum team number is ten persons
  • Minimum team number is four persons
  • Minimum age to ride is twelve years
  • Each rider must sign a release and indemnity before the event commences
  • A maximum of two riders on the track at any one time - they must ride as a pair
  • One track rider must wear and electronic timer at all times when riding
  • Riders must NOT enter the track unless the nominated cycle lane is clear (at least 25m clearance) and it is safe to do so